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Jasper Bead and Pendant Necklace Hand Strung
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Picture of another angle of the necklace

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Close up of all three Pendant strands.

Jasper Bead and Pendant Necklace Hand Strung
The item featured is a three strand Jasper Pendant necklace with beaded Jasper Gemstones. The outer beads are round Green Jasper Gemstones with faceted green Jasper 5mm spacers and gold seed beads. The Pendant is a Green Jasper Pendant with a light green and dark green that swirls which creates its beauty. The two top beaded necklaces are strung on 22 gauge wire. The inner beads are also green Jasper gemstone spacers with golden yellow beads. The Pendant from this inner beaded necklace is a Jasper green Pendant with a golden and green circle in the center of the Pendant. The inside necklace is a deep raspberry Jasper Pendant with the same raspberry faceted spacers and gold seed beads. The outer necklace which determines the length is 24", the inside is 18" and the inner strand is 16". It is truly a beautiful necklace and when tried on you are so shocked at the way it lays from around your neck to a straight down drop. On the middle Pendant is a sterling silver green gemstone attached to the Pendant. Please scroll down for other photographs.
Reference: 40486

$200.00 $160.00 (20% discount)

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