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Artist GalleryPieces
Joy Raskin Metal Ornaments79
Claire Perry Art51
My Comfort Clothes125
Fusion Products International7
Carol Cypher13
Tulip Beading Needles74
Lee Woodburn160
Mig Lemire1454
Hooping Girl22
Phinney Pottery54
Van g Girl Originals152
Whimsy Jewellery Design90
Dove Haven Studio44
North Country Cottage53
Martha Giberson 21
Designs by Danielle39
Carol Bugarin Glass Arts37
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Candlebra - $250

Joy Raskin Metal Ornaments
Ole Serenity

Claire Perry Art
Ladies Sweatshirt Jacket and Tee Coordinates ~ S203 - $52.9

My Comfort Clothes
FPI Bead Separator, 4 fl. oz. - $9.25

Fusion Products International
Chameleon Necklace

Carol Cypher
Easy-Threading Needles, Assortment - $9.6

Tulip Beading Needles

Zulu - $330

Lee Woodburn
Cherry Creek Jasper Pendant - $35

Western Gal - $112

Mig Lemire
Time Lapse - Dance Competition 2017

Hooping Girl
Tiger Lily, a punflower - $50

Phinney Pottery
Orange and Blue Bead Tassel Necklace - $39.95

grand jasper - $65

Van g Girl Originals
Blue Christmas Tree Earrings - $20

Whimsy Jewellery Design
Coast Guard at Nahant

Dove Haven Studio
Vanilla Tea 25 Count - $6.5

North Country Cottage
Coral delights - $550

Martha Giberson
pendant with chain - $60

Designs by Danielle
Pod Necklaces

Carol Bugarin Glass Arts
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