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Hand Crocheted Jasper Gemstones Bead Necklace on Bronze Wire
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Additional Views

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Chose this Pendant and the lower part of the necklace so you can see how the colors get deeper with a different cloth. Click on the Pendant and you will see some gorgeous colors.

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Another photo with the yellowish gold.Decided to give you another look of the lighter fabric. I could not in some cases know which I like the best.

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You can click on the photograph to see the great colors in the Pendant.

Hand Crocheted Jasper Gemstones Bead Necklace on Bronze Wire
The item featured is a Hand Crocheted Jasper Pendant and Nugget Gemstone Necklace. The large round Jasper Pendant is Pendant that adorns the group of nugget and pendant along with gemstone beads. There are lovely orange crystals that are on the bronze wire toward the back of the necklace which houses the bronze toggle claspe. There are bronze beads, yellow beads for some warmth, carnelian beads, green beads that have a touch of white in them. There are 12 mm round beads which have wide green stripes and go around the middle of the bead.The earrings and in other places in the body of the necklace beautiful round beads that include all of the colors in the Jasper Genuine Nuggets and Pendant styles. The necklace is 22" l. Pendant around 2" and lovely colorful earrings around 1 1/4" l. Please scroll down the page to see others photographs of this wonderful necklace.
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$125.00 $100.00 (20% discount)

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