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Artist GalleryPieces
Lee Woodburn163
Fusion Products International7
My Comfort Clothes120
Joy Raskin Metal Ornaments65
Tulip Beading Needles74
Mig Lemire1454
Hooping Girl22
Claire Perry Art41
Eva Hoffmann Studio - Fine Art121
Phinney Pottery54
TresClaudine Artisan Crafted Jewelry20
Van g Girl Originals152
Whimsy Jewellery Design90
Wendy M Cole45
Dove Haven Studio44
Joan Miller Porcelain Beads82
Carol Cypher13
North Country Cottage53
Kennebunkport Bead Art4
Martha Giberson 21
Designs by Danielle39
Carol Bugarin Glass Arts37
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Viking Knit Foxy Bronze Earrings - $37

Metallic Watercolor - $45

Lee Woodburn
5/32" dia x 10" Mandrels, Stainless Steel, 6/pkg - $4.75

Fusion Products International
Ladies Dress Tee Shirt - $17.95

My Comfort Clothes
Picture Jasper Pendant - $30

Bronze and sterling flower earrings - $45

Joy Raskin Metal Ornaments
Milliners/Straw Needles #8 - $9.6

Tulip Beading Needles
Beachy Dreams - $185

Mig Lemire
I'm a Boston Hoop Trooper!

Hooping Girl
Stringers will hang anywhere.

Claire Perry Art

Eva Hoffmann Studio - Fine Art
Matt as a Teenager

Phinney Pottery
Auburn Bead Necklace and Tassel Pendant - $20

Sterling silver bumpy stick earrings

TresClaudine Artisan Crafted Jewelry
carnalian lampwork - $80

Van g Girl Originals
Blue Christmas Tree Earrings - $20

Whimsy Jewellery Design
"Last Boat Home"

Wendy M Cole
Ellingwood Chapel - $225

Dove Haven Studio
One Dozen Ice Cube Beads - $18

Joan Miller Porcelain Beads
Fireflies at Sunset Necklace - $50

Carol Cypher
Blueberry Preserves - $6.99

North Country Cottage
Almost Midnight Lampwork Disk - $8

Kennebunkport Bead Art
Purple Pendant

Martha Giberson
earrings - $40

Designs by Danielle
Flower Earrings

Carol Bugarin Glass Arts
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