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Dwina wrote on January 11,2016
Waiting your new crafts!

Max wrote on January 11,2016
Your work is very exciting!

peg buchan wrote on January 16,2012
Hi Max- I love a pink neck piece that looks like a glass heart. $35. Would like two- one for each of the girls for valentines day. Do you have two? Bestus xP

Christy Thomas wrote on November 23,2011
Cant seem to find the prices of the vases. Very interested in one of your vases for a Christmas gift. I got your information from a friend, Ashley Reams.

Jennifer Sons wrote on August 29,2009
You make beautiful items.

a fan wrote on April 30,2008 about this piece that a fingerprint?!

seriously, everything looks great.

Jill Potter wrote on April 28,2008
Just wanted to let you know i stopped by to see what you have done...nice job!!



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