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Artist GalleryPieces
Mig Lemire1349
My Bead Gallery & Dana Rudolph Designs99
MyLovi Country Crafts and Collectibles143
Claire Perry Art37
Lee Woodburn135
Sea Glass Jewelry by
Danielle Reneé
Kingcrafts Studio276
Glass Things78
Divella Designs Jewelry50
Joy Raskin Metal Ornaments67
Eva Hoffmann Studio - Fine Art115
Whimsy Jewellery Design90
Rocky Stiers Jewelry Designer80
American Doll Fashion Boutique217
My Comfort Clothes138
Kennebunkport Bead Art13
Q by Dezine120
Designs by Diana - Tapestry Bags17
Wendy M Cole45
NH Bead Bop1
Hooping Girl35
Van g Girl Originals153
Fusion Products International14
Jewelers Studio Guild64
Art-to-Wear Jewelry . . . By Kariann Price1245
Peruvian Creations - Fine Silver Jewelry573
TresClaudine Artisan Crafted Jewelry20
Phinney Pottery54
Dove Haven Studio44
Enamel Jewelry by Julie Glassman358
Vine Street Gallery36
Elsie Kaye Glassworks, LLC207
Margaret's Beads130
Tulip Beading Needles67
Marcia Herson 53
Joan Miller Porcelain Beads82
Andovers Artists Guild, Inc.50
Dave Marden Photography210
Karen Sugarman Designs798
Riverview Crafters21
Change-A-Bead© by
Beth Williams
Fine Art and Studio by Betul Arin94
deb fairchild designs...15
Carol Cypher13
Born In Fire-- Glass & Metal by Heather Hennigan4
Robin Grace, Artist183
Lively Accents253
Nella's Art Gallery139
Reborn Glass57
North Country Cottage53
Vintage By Design62
The HandCrafter's Barn28
BeJeweled By Lori36
June Munro Paintings61
Bonny Corner Glass Art54
Endless Beads239
Kilnfusion Studio105
Martha Giberson21
Mystic Moon Beads69
Studio 522 Art Glass4
Nolly's Folly - Handmade Beads1
Labyrinth Beads3
BrushStroke Designs25
Designs by Danielle39
Dances With Fire38
Carol Bugarin Glass Arts37
Maxt Glassworks45
Catch Your Fancy Jewelry27
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Amber Crystal Tiger - $36

Mig Lemire
Large focal Glass lampwork bead - $35

My Bead Gallery & Dana Rudolph Designs
Polymer Clay Snowman - $8

MyLovi Country Crafts and Collectibles
Ms. Seagull

Claire Perry Art
Maple Sprite - $60

Lee Woodburn
Bermuda Triangles Treasure ~ Gorgeous Sea Glass Earrings ©2015 - $260

Sea Glass Jewelry by
Danielle Reneé
Auburn University Tassel Necklace - $25


Kingcrafts Studio
Ivory & Clear Glass with Sand - $42

Glass Things
Morgan Head - $50

Abstract ll - $42

Divella Designs Jewelry
Sun Disk Pendant - $195

Joy Raskin Metal Ornaments

Eva Hoffmann Studio - Fine Art
Pearl Snowman Earrings - $20

Whimsy Jewellery Design
Narrow Band with Malachite- Choose Your Own Stone! - $48

Rocky Stiers Jewelry Designer
Hot Pink Sparkle Boots - $12.99

American Doll Fashion Boutique
Sweatshirt jacket and tee set - $52.9

My Comfort Clothes
Sherbert Swirl Lampwork Disk Bead - $8

Kennebunkport Bead Art
Trail of Heartz (Bowl) - $45

Q by Dezine
Checkbook Wallet - $34.95

Designs by Diana - Tapestry Bags

Wendy M Cole

NH Bead Bop
Video: Variety Show 2015

Hooping Girl
Lilac Eyes Letter Opener - $37

Silk Movements a poster (Natalie O Collection) - $45

Van g Girl Originals
Flat Nose Pliers with Foam Grips - $5.75

Fusion Products International
Designed by Sharon Feigin

Jewelers Studio Guild
Custom Copper Renoir, Vintage Revival Earrings

Art-to-Wear Jewelry . . . By Kariann Price
Orange Rectangular Butterfly Wing Pendant (PT-234) - $55

Peruvian Creations - Fine Silver Jewelry
Bumpy Circle Pendant

TresClaudine Artisan Crafted Jewelry
ovenware brownie-baking dish - $40

Phinney Pottery
Loosestrife's Glory - $2500

Dove Haven Studio
Custom Pendant For Sarah

Enamel Jewelry by Julie Glassman
"Sedona Sunset" - $200

Vine Street Gallery
Fiesta - $145

Elsie Kaye Glassworks, LLC
Sea and Pearls - $245

Margaret's Beads
Tapestry Needles / Cross Stitch Round Tip - $8.5

Tulip Beading Needles
Candy corn - $25

Marcia Herson
Tiny Star Beads - $6

Joan Miller Porcelain Beads
Sunset Jewel

Andovers Artists Guild, Inc.

Dave Marden Photography
White Black Mother Of Pearl Quatrefoil Asymmetrical Necklace - Dena Necklace - $115

Karen Sugarman Designs
Spring Fling - $450

Riverview Crafters
Spring Brights - $18

Change-A-Bead© by
Beth Williams

Fine Art and Studio by Betul Arin
Field of Dreams

deb fairchild designs...
Monte Carlo Bracelet

Carol Cypher

Born In Fire-- Glass & Metal by Heather Hennigan
Flickerings III (192)

Robin Grace, Artist
Tourmaline 3 dangle Earrings - $18.95

Lively Accents
What Lays Beneath

Nella's Art Gallery
Valley Sunrise Recycled Glass Night - $38

Reborn Glass
Bear Wall Toy - $34.99

North Country Cottage
Onyx and Sterling Piece

Vintage By Design

The HandCrafter's Barn

BeJeweled By Lori
First Lady

June Munro Paintings
Natural Coral Biagi Pandora Style Boro Bead - $10

Bonny Corner Glass Art
Netted Swarovski Pearl Bangle - $39

Endless Beads
Multi Color Clock - $48

Kilnfusion Studio
Red Graffitti Pendant

Martha Giberson
Fiesta Bead Set - $75

Mystic Moon Beads
Fire Drop

Studio 522 Art Glass
Small Bell Flowers - 5 Colors Available - $20

Nolly's Folly - Handmade Beads

Labyrinth Beads
Window with hand painted flowers - $95

BrushStroke Designs
sparkle bracelet - $85

Designs by Danielle
cobalt creamsicles

Dances With Fire
"Red Hot"

Carol Bugarin Glass Arts
Glass and Sterling Silver Necklace and Earring Duo - $150

Maxt Glassworks
Flower Lentil

Catch Your Fancy Jewelry
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