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Monek Lisbon wrote on June 22,2020
I love your designs, Danielle. Do you accept custom-ordered products?
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Lolita wrote on June 19,2020
I really admire your craftsmanship and dedication in creating those intricate jewelries. Anyway, most of the items I like are sold out. Are there any chances that we will be selling more of those?
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Paul wrote on June 19,2020
Hi Danielle, I can see the artistry and craftsmanship in every piece of jewelries you do. Keep creating more. If you need efficient and affordable landscaping services, please feel free to check us out.
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Cassy wrote on June 19,2020 about this piece
i like the design of this pair of earrings but it's sold out. Just wondering if by any chance you will be selling more of these in the future?
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berna ross wrote on June 18,2020
Thanks danielle for your amazing designs which is very inspiring.
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Lorem Dela Cruz wrote on June 16,2020
Danielle, I love your designs. You are very talented. If you need fence and deck services, please feel free to visit us.
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Danny wrote on June 8,2020
Great design! Thanks
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Roki Dan wrote on June 8,2020
Danielle, your designs are as lovely as your name. Best regards from the best tree service company in Loveland, Colorado.
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Luke wrote on June 6,2020 about this blog entry
I really like the design of this necklace. Is there a way that you can create one of this in the future and sell it here? Just asking.
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Ashley wrote on June 6,2020
I really enjoyed reading most of the comments here. Anyway, you really have a nice collection of jewelry items. I hope those sold ones are available in the future. Cheers from Westminster Epoxy Flooring.
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BITLIFE wrote on June 4,2020
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Patricia wrote on June 3,2020 about this piece
I like the uniqueness of this necklace. Anyway, since it is sold out, are there any chances that you will create more of this in the future?
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Adrian wrote on June 2,2020
I really how your website look like. May I know who's your developer or the website platform you are using? Also, you really have a nice collection of jewelries you have here. Keep it up!
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Alex wrote on June 2,2020
The rings are all sold out. By any chance, are you going to create more stylish rings soon? I really like the cube and wire ring.
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Amanda wrote on June 1,2020
I love your designs and I love your name. My daughter's name is Daniella. Cheers from the best stump grinding services in Denver, Colorado.
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Paul wrote on June 1,2020 about this blog entry
Expect the unexpected. Kids are crafty and creative. For me, the necklace is stunning and very stylish.
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Mikel wrote on May 29,2020
I like the simplicity and uniqueness of the collection of bracelets you have. However, most of them are already sold.
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David wrote on May 28,2020 about this blog entry
I enjoy reading your blog most especially the post regarding the fundraising. I'm pretty amazed of the necklace and its bid price that it has been sold. Keep it up and looking forward to more of your post.
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Jessica wrote on May 27,2020 about this blog entry
I admire this post. Not just that the kids are enjoying participating in making the necklace but their work is paid off. Hoping to see more post like this in the future.
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Andrea wrote on May 27,2020
Most of the jewelries I like on your Gallery are sold. By the way, you have a great collection here. Hope to see more uniquely designed set of jewelries. And in case you need some concrete coating projects done in Wichita Falls, TX, please let us know.
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Kylie Loreen wrote on May 25,2020
Please contact us for the best landscaping services in Broomfield, Colorado.
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Brett wrote on May 20,2020
Glad to be here in your site.
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Daniella wrote on May 20,2020
Danielle, your designs are extraordinary. I admire your uniqueness. Cheers from the best deck and fence installation in Aurora, Colorado.
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pastikembali wrote on May 13,2020
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Grayson wrote on May 11,2020 about this blog entry
So far I love your designs! Thanks
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Jessy wrote on May 1,2020
Nice art ! Nice craft!
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Danice wrote on May 1,2020
Nice output, Keep it up!
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Kyzer wrote on April 21,2020
Greatly made. Love it.
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Breana wrote on April 21,2020
Amazing! It's perfect for a gift.
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AnnaS. wrote on April 14,2020
I all love the designs.
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Samantha wrote on April 8,2020
Is it handmade? I am confuse because it's perfectly made.
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Claire wrote on April 1,2020
Someone recommended this site to me and I have no regret about it, very amazing designs with good quality.
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SIvart wrote on March 25,2020
Do you think this is a nice gift to give?
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Sammy wrote on March 19,2020
How do I know if my vintage jewelry is valuable?
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focuwaw wrote on February 26,2020 about this blog entry
If there is an item that you like that is already sold, I can make similar items. However, due to the use of natural gemstones and beads in my jewelry, duplicates are not always possible. But, contact me and see what we can work out
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Jason Smith wrote on February 20,2020
I will keep in touch! very amazing designs!
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Sivart wrote on January 15,2020
Love the jewelry. Keep doing your good work!
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Tsalg wrote on January 15,2020
This is really great stuff. Jewelry can be so beautiful! You have a lot of talent!
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Cara S wrote on January 2,2020
thanks for sharing this (:
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Candice wrote on September 18,2019
How do I order these fabulous pieces Danielle, they are wonderful!
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Lisa wrote on September 18,2019
Wow - love the jewelry pieces. They are all so unique.
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Suuryi Priyat wrote on September 2,2019
Hello Danielle, I love your page very simple and very girly. Hope to see some of your designs pretty soon!
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Danielle Renee' wrote on December 4,2008 about this piece
Hi Danielle,

I love this piece. The color is so sirene. Reminds me of the beach. I like your name too :)

Danielle R

Aunt Linda, Erica, Michele wrote on April 29,2008
Everything looks awesome!!!

Kathy Faulkner wrote on April 21,2008
Thanks for sending this-- so cool! I want one of everything too!

Lorie Broyles wrote on March 18,2008
Hi Danielle: wanted you to know that I was on your site. So cool! Lorie

Genevieve wrote on March 16,2008 about this blog entry
We saw this posting this morning; what a great way to raise money. I'm sure the kids enjoyed it. Congrats!

Terry Taylor wrote on March 15,2008
I'd like one of everything!

Cool website!

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Webmaster wrote on March 11,2008 about this blog entry
welcome danielle, this is a response to your sample blog post.