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Artist GalleryPieces
Lee Woodburn175
Tulip Beading Needles67
My Comfort Clothes136
Mig Lemire1416
Joy Raskin Metal Ornaments56
Claire Perry Art39
Glass Things76
Phinney Pottery54
Eva Hoffmann Studio - Fine Art119
Fusion Products International12
Marcia Herson 45
My Bead Gallery & Dana Rudolph Designs35
American Doll Fashion Boutique217
Hooping Girl21
TresClaudine Artisan Crafted Jewelry20
Van g Girl Originals152
Whimsy Jewellery Design90
Wendy M Cole45
Jewelers Studio Guild64
Art-to-Wear Jewelry . . . By Kariann Price1245
Dove Haven Studio44
Margaret's Beads130
Joan Miller Porcelain Beads82
Andovers Artists Guild, Inc.50
Dave Marden Photography210
deb fairchild designs...15
Carol Cypher13
North Country Cottage53
Kennebunkport Bead Art4
Endless Beads239
Martha Giberson21
Labyrinth Beads3
Designs by Danielle39
Dances With Fire38
Carol Bugarin Glass Arts37
Maxt Glassworks45
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One Dozen Spacers - Light Amethyst - $12

Lee Woodburn
Sucre Bead Crochet Hook No. 0 (1.75mm) - $10.99

Tulip Beading Needles
Ladies Short Sleeve Tee Shirt - $17.95

My Comfort Clothes
Sign up and deposit for class - $30

Mig Lemire
Canoe Earrings - $125

Joy Raskin Metal Ornaments
True North...Garden Sculpture

Claire Perry Art
- $85

Shitzuh Glass Knob - $50

Glass Things
Mug with Loons - $20

Phinney Pottery

Eva Hoffmann Studio - Fine Art
Flat Nose Pliers with Foam Grips - $5.75

Fusion Products International
Unearthed - $295

Marcia Herson
lampwork focal bead - $28

My Bead Gallery & Dana Rudolph Designs
Auburn Bead Necklace with Medallion. - $45

Blue Striped Shirt - $8.5

American Doll Fashion Boutique

Hooping Girl
Fabricated Copper Earrings

TresClaudine Artisan Crafted Jewelry
coral snowflake - $90

Van g Girl Originals
Pearl Snowman Earrings - $20

Whimsy Jewellery Design
A Reflective Place

Wendy M Cole

Designed by Kathy Keller

Jewelers Studio Guild
Seaglass, Sea Shell, Pearl & Rhinestone, Vintage Mosaic Necklace - $179

Art-to-Wear Jewelry . . . By Kariann Price
Ellingwood Chapel - $225

Dove Haven Studio
A Sea of Blue and Black - $68

Margaret's Beads
One Dozen Ice Cube Beads - $18

Joan Miller Porcelain Beads

Andovers Artists Guild, Inc.

Dave Marden Photography
Malachite Trellis

deb fairchild designs...
For Norma Jean

Carol Cypher
Jr Moose Wall Toy - $13.99

North Country Cottage
Sea Breeze Switch Lampwork Disk Bead - $8

Kennebunkport Bead Art
Bugle beaded bead - $55

Endless Beads
Sea Beads - $650

Martha Giberson

Labyrinth Beads
sparkle bracelet - $85

Designs by Danielle
periwinkle tiger - $15

Dances With Fire
"The Moons of Jupiter" Necklace

Carol Bugarin Glass Arts
Glass Pendant - $35

Maxt Glassworks
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