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nikki parks wrote on May 26,2014
Hi Renee I signed up for the july class at the arts center and then realized you have classes in Schenectady, is there any way I can transfer to the State st location as I work right there? any of the nights are fine with me. Thank You Nikki

Michelene Wilson wrote on November 6,2012
Loving every minute of your instruction, but I need to find some time to experiment and play for myself. Thank you for offering options to all of your students. You are a natural teacher and an inspiration.

Tina Pinsonneault wrote on July 28,2012
Just bought one of your jewelry pieces at the end of the Craft fair in Inlet New York. Wish I could sign up for lessons but I'm in Philadelphia :( Thank you.

Kelle Bellinger wrote on March 22,2012
Hi Renee...just wanted to let you know that I linked you on my website....wish I could torch everyday!! Thanks for everything! Kelle

Rev. Wendy Lyon wrote on June 14,2011
Wanted to visit your website.

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