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Smile, you’re on candid camera, from Kariann’s Art Jewelry Boutique to the many art shows past!   Scroll down to see who's sporting their latest from Kariann's growing collections -- could be you!!!
Holly's Vintage Mosaic Necklace Stacie's Da Vinci            Necklace

Lisa's Vintage Revival Necklace

Misty's Beach Gem, Sterling & Peridot     pendant 

Mom-of-the-Bride's custom Vintage Revival Earrings


Dawn's custom                Galactic Ball Earrings



Custom Vintage Lace
 Pat's custom                   Vintage Mosaic

Charna's Vintage Revival    Owl

Vintage Lace w/ Czech carnival glass button
  Michael's custom Citrine Gem Revival for Amanda
 Deborah's Vintage Cloud
Pat's custom Vintage Cloud 
Nancy's custom Vintage Revival Necklace 
 Cybil's Beach Gem        Necklace


Kelly's Vintage Revival Necklace Deborah's Vintage lace Necklace 
Susan's custom                  Beach Gem Earrings 
Vintage Revival    Necklace 
Marisa's Vintage Lace necklace Joanne's Vintage Lace  Necklace 
Alicia's Vintage Lace Necklace 
Custom Vintage Lace & Coins Necklace 
Claudine's Beach Gem Necklace 
Michelle's Da Vinci Earrings  
Linda's Da Vinci Necklace
 Kathy's Vintage Revival Necklace  

Donna's custom Vintage Mosaic Cameo Donna's custom Vintage Revival Cameo Donna's custom               Vintage Mosaic Cameo
Stephanie's Vintage Lace Necklace
 Adrianna's Lipstick Red Vintage Lace Necklace Martha's Vintage Lace is     Florida bound with her!


 Da Vinci Earrings
 Gail's Vintage Lace Necklace Vintage Lace Necklace
Kelly's Vintage Lace Daisies
 Jilana's Vintage Lace  Kitties 

Beverly sports her                   Da Vinci Earrings &                Vintage Revival Ring