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About Kariann 
At The Kariann- Sea Glass , Art and Vintage Jewelry Boutique in Old Saybrook, CT, I offer uncommon and extraordinary pieces of wearable art. I am truly fascinated with conveying life’s images and nature’s beauty through my creation of jewelry and sculpture. I create these free-form constellations using the items I find as I walk along the shoreline, such as sea glass and sea pebbles. I then combine these with wire and semi-precious gems and crystals, sculpted stained glass, and vintage objects.
My pieces are definitively eclectic, timeless examples of wearable art. Each one has a story: a past, present, and future. These items express their history in what they are now. They are representative of our natural instinct to recycle, what is in our hearts as well as what is at our feet. Just as we learn from and replay our experiences, we recycle and reuse items that have been discarded and turn them into something extraordinary.
I strive to consistently uphold the aesthetic nature of art, while creating new and innovative ways to repurpose discarded items, both man-made and natural. There is amazing potential in what is often discarded, and each piece I create is a symbol of what we can accomplish when we truly avail ourselves of everything we have within our reach.
I have been in business for more than twelve years now, and I am truly passionate about my art. Discover the beautiful jewelry pieces that I have created for you at The Kariann- Sea Glass , Art and Vintage Jewelry Boutique. Take advantage of my Glitter Bucks Loyalty Reward Program.  You will be automatically enrolled upon your first purchase!

Fondly,    Kariann Price