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Memories are Made of This, Vintage Mosaic Necklace
Shirley was one of my first customers when I opened my boutique five years ago in Deep River. She loved the timeless gem mosaic in the store window and hoped to have something similar created with her mother's timepiece. On her most recent visit we discussed her third custom pendant which includes her mother's Elgin watch face, her own wrapped seaglass, and pearls she wore at the age of seven at her aunt's wedding. Shirley is nearing her eighth decade so these pieces date to antiquity. I used a vintage heart pin to frame her pieces in her favorite shape. All pieces were cold-connected using silver art wire. And now you see what are her dearest memories all in a pendant she can wear and share with others. Memories are Made of This is the first thing that comes to mind for her custom Vintage Mosaic Necklace, since all pieces carry so much meaning for her. I can't wait to show it to her!
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