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stained glass, black & white, pearl, rhinestones, wire wrap, art jewelry, art to wear
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Black, White & Bling, Contemporary Mosaic Necklace
I needed something to pick up my all black outfit. Rather than "shop" my boutique I decided to gather pieces that moved me and would help complete my attire. Stained glass slivers in textured mirror and black swirl started a flicker that, when combined with the rhinestone and crystal teardrop, excited me. The addition of a large potato pearl and bicone & faceted Swarovski crystals seemed to finish the picture. But it really wasn't completed until I topped or, rather, framed the piece with a contemporary hammered silver hoop. This piece measures approximately 2.5 inches in circumference. It is hung from a 17 inch sterling slide and can be switched out to another chain as preferred. As with all my art jewelry, this piece can be worn with blue jeans & T, or to the ball!
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Price: $219.00

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