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I love to bring vintage, found objects and seaglass to life.  Whether it's a custom piece, something new that inspired me to create or something recently sold, I will bring to you a bit of a story about each.  

Adjustments are usually free of charge (only shipping will apply).  If you are not in love with your jewelry, I will honor an exchange for another piece of equal or greater value up to one month from the date you received your piece(s).  You can also request a jewelry credit so you can take your time selecting another piece.
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Lucky 8 Earrings, Vintage Revival Cuff Bracelet

Mar 03 2012
I'd been itching to get this piece started. So after two days of meeting, greeting, and selling in my boutique I finally had a respite where I could heat the soldering iron and begin to heat/ sculpt this art to wear wrap cuff. I worked with a collection of 3/4 inch post earrings circa 1960 with similar thickness and varied designs. It was best aesthetically balanced with some space between each piece. Eight is considered a very auspicious number in certain cultures, so it is with this cuff that you can expect good energy to happen. It is able to be stretched & tightened to fit every time you are ready to give your wrist a bit of daring and individual artfulness! And it is very comfortable, too. I love how it combines well with other cuffs or bracelets and also stands alone elegantly. The slight angle of this type of adornment adds to its intrigue.
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Erica wrote on April 6,2012
Love this. Very Roman, I think. I'd love to request a collection based off of the TV series, Game of Thrones. Maybe you could do different jewelry themes around TV shows, such as MAD MEN and THE BIG BANG THEORY. Could be interesting...