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I love to bring vintage, found objects and seaglass to life.  Whether it's a custom piece, something new that inspired me to create or something recently sold, I will bring to you a bit of a story about each.  

Adjustments are usually free of charge (only shipping will apply).  If you are not in love with your jewelry, I will honor an exchange for another piece of equal or greater value up to one month from the date you received your piece(s).  You can also request a jewelry credit so you can take your time selecting another piece.
Shipping is FREE!!!   Your jewelry will be shipped in a beautiful gold or silver leaf box with silver elastic bow -- perfect for gift giving!

Daisy, Buttons & Beads, Vintage Cloud Necklace

Dec 20 2010
This daisy's center rhinestone is peridot in color and its petals, as reflected in the vintage acrylic beads, are lemon. I've contrasted all this sunshine with a shimmery matte green vintage button & bead. My Vintage Cloud design utilizes tiger wire to frame and create loops that softly wind their way in and out of the focal points of interest. For those who want to venture into statement jewelry, but shy away from chunky, this is the perfect middle. Although the design is delicate looking, it is sturdy -- if this pendant is crumpled, it will bounce right back into form. This lovely floral & button piece will draw the attention of art jewelry lovers everywhere.
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Angie Strickland wrote on December 29,2010
How much is this and how do you buy it?